19 Amazing Ways to Use Plastic Wrap Around the House

We are all familiar with plastic wrap, also known as cling film, plastic foil or saran wrap. It’s one of my favourite household materials, so I always have a spare roll lying around. I use the wrap in more ways than just the usual way. Most people use it to wrap things, like their lunch or a strong-smelling onion, before putting them back in the refrigerator. But did you know plastic wrap can be used for a lot more household hacks than just wrapping things? For example, to help keep your fridge clean, as a great first-aid item and to preserve the flavour of your favourite ice cream. If you’re wondering how, keep reading!

1. Keep Your Refrigerator Clean
Make the next time you clean the top of your fridge the last time. After you get your refrigerator completely shiny and clean, cover the top with overlapping pieces of plastic wrap. The next time it needs cleaning, all you need to do is remove the old foil, throw it in the bin and replace it with new layers of plastic wrap.

You can also use plastic wrap for your refrigerator shelves:
Just cover your refrigerator shelves with plastic wrap (preferably the sealing type). The time needed to clean the fridge will suddenly be reduced by half: just remove the dirty foil and replace it with new ones.

2. Keep Flowers Fresh
Use plastic wrap to make your fresh bouquet last longer. Cut out a square section of the plastic wrap and place a damp paper towel on top. Then place the ends of the stems in the middle of the damp paper towel and fold the foil with the paper towel to keep the flowers fresh. You can use a bow or blotting or crepe paper to conceal this wrap hack.

Great hacks don’t you think? Continue reading on the next page for more convenient household hacks. For example, how plastic wrap may help you to protect your phone or how to get rid of those annoying fruit flies.