19 Amazing Ways to Use Plastic Wrap Around the House

3. De-cork Wine
Some wines taste like cork, which means they have a musty, chemical smell that makes the wine unpleasant to drink. You can roll some PVC-based plastic wrap into a tiny ball and place it in a jug or carafe of wine to reduce this foul odour.

4. Protect Your Phone
Screen protectors can be bought at prices ranging anywhere between €15 to €40, but plastic wrap usually costs less than €2. So, making a DIY protector out of plastic wrap is kind of a no-brainer. First, make sure your phone’s screen is clean, then cut the plastic wrap about 7-8 cm or 3 in. larger than your screen. Stretch and smooth out the foil over your phone, fold the excess over the back of your phone and cut it off. Lastly, put your phone case back in place.

5. Treat a Hangnail
I consider a hangnail, those torn pieces of skin along the cuticles, one of the most annoying and painful things that can happen to you. It may even be worse than accidentally stepping on those little Lego blocks. The worst part is that I can never figure out how I got them. Luckily, I do know how to treat them: plastic wrap! Get rid of a hangnail while you sleep. Before you go to bed, apply hand cream to the affected area, cover the fingertip with plastic wrap and secure it with transparent tape. The plastic wrap will absorb the moisture and soften the cuticle.

Bananas: I always buy them when they’re still green, but they will be completely brown and overripe within less than a week. They are so soft and mushy at that overripe stage that they’re almost liquid – and I hate it when that happens. Thanks to plastic wrap, that won’t ever happen again. How, you may ask? Continue reading on the next page!