7 Mistakes Every Woman Makes While Wearing A Skirt!

Skirts: you love them or you hate them. Personally, I like to wear jeans, but when I wear a skirt, I feel like the prettiest girl in class! It’s lovely to walk around and feel like a shipshape woman. Do you identify with this or do you have this feeling every day, because you prefer to wear skirts or dresses? Then you should really read this article, because even though the clothing may be nice: we all make these 7 mistakes. Curious about the mistakes?

1. Shoes that do not match.
Your look is finished when you choose the right shoes for the skirt. Do not only focus on the color, style and material, but also focus on the height of the shoe / heel. Stick to this simple maxim: the longer the skirt, the higher the heel can be. Do you like to wear short, or even, miniskirts? Combine this with ballerinas or other flat shoes.

2. The wrong shirt.
Not only the shoes, but also the top that you wear above the skirt, affects the garment. Follow these simple rules and you look good every day:

  • Miniskirt; wear buttoned blouses or sweaters.
  • Flared skirt: wear a plain and loose shirt.
  • Pencil skirt: wear an oversized sweater.

3. The wrong underwear.
The most common mistake when wearing a skirt is the underwear that is put underneath. Underpants with an elastic band that everyone can see, or how about colorful panties that shine through. It looks ugly and causes unnecessary attention. Buy underwear that is almost the same color as your skin color and underwear without seams and edges.

4. The wrong length.
Fashion trends, especially trends concerning skirts, is difficult to keep up with, because it is constantly changing. Fortunately, the following rule exists: small women must wear skirts above the knee so that they appear longer. For tall women: do not wear short skirts or you will look very long!

5. Bad quality.
Cheap materials, such as nappa leather and thin fabrics, emphasizes the possible shortcomings of a woman’s body and they rarely look good. Choose a solid fabric that easily suits your figure and makes you look even better!

6. The wrong model.
Another mistake is wearing a skirt that is fashionable, while it does not fit with your stature at all. Take a good look at how you look and decide what your pluses are and accentuate them! Fortunately, we still have the standard skirt and it never goes out of fashion!

7. Inappropriate for the occasion.
Make sure you always know where you are going, so that you always wear the appropriate clothing for the occasion you have planned. For example, wear a pencil skirt to the office, and a maxi skirt when the weather is nice and you are going to the beach.

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