According To The Dentist These Are The 8 Worst Foods for Your Teeth

Today’s question: what was your favourite snack as a child? Was it: a) acidic sweets, b) pralines, c) freshly baked biscuits or d) apples. Okay, whoever chose “d” as an answer is lying: no child considers a Granny Smith apple a treat! But still: the well-meaning people who offered you healthy treats in an attempt to save your growing teeth from a future with cavities and dental plaque… they all meant well…

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We all sometimes eat things that are bad for us, such as sweets, bars and ice-cream and our teeth have to endure all this. Dentists are fed up and have composed a list of products you should not eat if you want to keep your teeth healthy and strong. The good news is that sweets are not among these top 8. Believe it or not, there are numerous snacks that harm your teeth much more! Who could have guessed? Are you curious which they are?

Why dentists urge you to avoid the following 8 foodstuffs:

1. Crisps
Just as with crackers, crisps are full of processed starch and genetically manipulated ingredients that are known to contribute to dental decay. The process commences when lovers of crisps nibble and the salty snacks get stuck in the cracks between their teeth. If you can’t leave them alone then make sure you floss after eating them. The following page proves that fruit is not always good for you.

2. Lozenges
According to Business Insider stopping the consumption of (throat) lozenges is one of the best ways to avoid cavities. Sucking such a hard sweet means that the teeth are exposed to sugars and acids for a much longer time than when eating a piece of cake and quickly swallowing it. This sounds rather logical!

3. Crackers
Business Insider also reports that crackers, a foodstuff that we always regarded as harmless, is bad for your teeth. According to dentists most crackers contain processed starch and other genetically manipulated ingredients which make crackers cause cavities.

4. Citrus fruits
Perhaps unexpected, but pieces of acidic fruit, like oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit may cause the teeth to erode over time and contribute to painful aphthous stomatitis. Dentists suggest that you drink a lot of water if you still prefer to eat these fruits. Something to bear in mind, don’t you think?

5. Ice
Do you bite or chew (water) ice-cream? Dentists prefer that you stop that right NOW! It is a bad habit, because it is common knowledge that over time it damages the dental enamel. Your teeth may even crack open and believe me: nobody wants that to happen!

6. Corn on the cob
If corn is among your favourites, then make sure you remove it from the cob before you eat it. Of course corn on the cob can be considered a summer treat, but dentists declare that biting hard into corn may lead to cracked fillings, brace problems and even loosened dental prosthesis.

7. Sandwiches with peanut butter and jam
From childhood children love these sandwiches, but it is not a good choice. The three ingredients: processed bread, peanut butter and jam all have one thing in common: a high sugar content. To make the combination even worse, the sticky content of the spread ensures that bacteria can easily keep sticking to the teeth.

8. Popcorn
In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph a dentist revealed that popcorn “is one of five main reasons for broken teeth”. Have you ever bitten on a hard corn kernel? Biting it just a little too hard won’t make your teeth happy and neither will you be when you are lying in the chair at the dentist’s.

I will be honest, I was surprised that so many of these treats were on the list. Who, for instance, knew that crackers are so bad for your teeth? Let us know what startled you and do not forget to share the article via Facebook and Pinterest!