After Adopting Triplets, This Couple Gets Some Remarkable News From Their Doctor.

Sara and Andy Justice tried to get pregnant for years, but after a lot of attempts and seeing a doctor, they decided to go for option ‘C’. They chose to stop trying and fulfill their desire to have children through adoption. The process was quite an ordeal, but once they were selected to adopt a child, their long-cherished wish seemed to come true. Unfortunately, something terrible happened when the pregnant biological mother chose them as adoptive parents.

Happy together
Sarah and Andy Justice from Tulsa, Oklahoma (United States) had been happily married for 3 years when they felt they missed something in their lives. They wanted to expand their family by having children. A fairly logical step for a happily married couple who would like to share and expand their love. Unfortunately, for the Justices this turned out not to be as self-evident as one thinks.

Practice, practice, practice
Unfortunately, Sarah Justice turns out to be one of the, sadly many, unhappy women who have difficulties getting pregnant. For 3 years the couple tried to get pregnant and unfortunately without success. This put a strain on Andy and Sarah’s marriage, so they decided to try it in a different manner: the medical way.

Medical help
Both Sarah and Andy knew that there was nothing either of them could do about it, so they decided to turn to medical help. The only problem was that there were no gynaecologists/fertility doctors near Tulsa. So, they had to move to another place, and that was St. Louis in Missouri. Not very convenient, but both were willing to make the sacrifice.

St. Louis
In 2014 they drove from Tulsa to St. Louis, which took more than 6 hours, but they would do anything to get the help they needed. Once they got to their destination, Sarah got her first fertility treatment.

Unfortunately, the Justices got bad news: the first treatment didn’t make any difference. They were heartbroken. Determined to start their own family, they knew they couldn’t give up. They kept trying, and asked the doctor how in-vitro fertilization (IVF) worked and whether this was an option. The gynaecologist said that both were eligible for IVF, but that the chance of a pregnancy would be about 10%. In addition to the small chance of success, Sarah had to undergo an uncomfortable treatment. The IVF process consists of months of hormone treatments before the fertilized egg is inserted and then you can only hope it will nest. IVF does not sound positive and it gets worse. Read on quickly!

Another downside are the costs of the treatment. One IVF attempt without extras costs between 12,000 and 15,000 dollars. In addition, in the United States, IVF is not covered by health insurers. The couple would have to pay about $60,000. The risk that it wouldn’t be successful was too big. Fortunately, there was another option that Andy and Sara could try.

Plan C
For the last option they stopped going about it the medical way and signed up for the adoption process. After years of trying and failing, Andy and Sarah started to become desperate. They decided to proceed with adoption. As parents who were or are involved in this process know, this is also a difficult and slow process.  Before you can take an adopted child / baby home with you, prospective parents have to follow a lengthy application procedure that takes its toll on both their personal lives and living situation. It can take years, especially if you want to adopt a newborn baby. But the couple was so determined that they wouldn’t let anything stop them.

For Andy and Sarah too, the adoption process was tedious and difficult: the house had to be checked to see if it met the requirements for ‘raising a child’. In addition, they underwent various interviews with adoption agencies. The couple had already gone through a lot so they knew that they would endure this, too. When they finished going through the entire process, the adoption agency arranged for them to have interviews with pregnant women who were giving up their child for adoption. Finally, you would think, but this too, turned out to be a tough struggle.

Adoptive parents
The Justices had a number of interviews with biological mothers already when they finally received good news. One of the mothers had chosen them as adoptive parents. Sarah and Andy were ecstatic. Finally, their prayers had been answered, and it seemed that they were finally going to expand their family. They supported the mother at every step of the way, and were almost ready for the baby when they received bad news.

The pregnant woman cancelled the adoption at the last minute and the Justices were, again, disappointed. Yet they did not give up: once again they contacted the agency and informed them they wanted to have interviews with pregnant women again.

2nd attempt
Round two seemed to go well until, again, the biological mother withdrew from the process. For Andy and Sarah it felt like this: “Every time things seemed to go well and we took three steps forward, we were put 4 steps back.” Again, they did not want to give up, and they carried on. Third time’s the charm! Right?  They were quite disappointed, but determined to become parents. What they didn’t know is that their prayers were finally going to be answered. Shortly after the second biological mother withdrew, the couple finally got that all-important phone call.

Third time’s the charm!
From out of nowhere, Sarah received a phone call from the adoption agency that gave her new hope. “There is a third biological mother who has chosen you.” Fantastic news for Andy and his wife, but the biggest shock for the couple and the biological mother still had to come.

The Justices could not believe that another mother had chosen them. They were so enthusiastic and happy that they decided to be present at every step of her pregnancy again. The biological mother thought about this and asked if they wanted to come along to the first ultrasound. At the ultrasound, Sarah and Andy could see their child for the first time, but to everyone’s surprise, it turned out to be not one, not two, but THREE babies. What a surprise!

Andy and Sarah were completely flabbergasted when they heard not one, but three hearbeats. They had fought so long to become parents, and now the universe rewarded them! They didn’t hesitate for a second: all three babies are welcome! They started preparing for this beautiful expansion of the Justice family. No one could be more enthusiastic than the Justices were at that time!

In May 2013, 8 weeks early, the biological mother’s water broke and it was finally about to happen for Sarah and Andy. They had to wait for hours, but after a difficult delivery their 3 miracles were really there. What are they called?  Hannah, Elizabeth and Joel were each about 1500 grams of pure joy for Sarah and her husband, but they were not yet allowed to take their miracles home. The triplets were born 8 weeks early, so they had to remain in the hospital for observation. The new parents wait patiently, but in the mean time something happened to Sarah. Continue reading.

Sarah suddenly became ill about 1 week after the birth of the triplets. Did the long process of becoming a parent finally take its toll or was it something else?  Andy worried about his wife and decided she needed a doctor. After a number of examinations, the doctor returned with some very special news…

Good news
The doctor had done several tests. No, Sarah wasn’t ill, she suffered from pregnancy symptoms! Yes, you read that right: Sarah was pregnant! What a surprise, don’t you think? But it doesn’t stop there. After years of trying and unsuccessful hormone treatments, Sarah was pregnant, after all. She couldn’t believe it! When she went to see the gynaecologist, she got the biggest shock: she was pregnant with twins. After years of disappointment and stress, the Justices, within 1 year, became parents of no less than 6 children. How amazing is that!

5 kids
A few months before the triplets were 1 year old, Sarah gave birth to beautiful twins: Andrew and Abigail. For the parents it wasn’t a big adjustment, they had already had months of practice with Hannah, Joel and Elizabeth.

You’d think that twins and triplets would be enough, but in 2016 the Justices announced that Sarah was once again expecting. 9 months later, the five kids and the rest of the world were introduced to the sixth sibling named Caleb. Isn’t that wonderful news?

Now in 2019, Hannah, Joel, Elizabeth, Abigail and Andrew are 6 years old and Caleb is 3 years old. Sarah and Andy are very happy and feel incredibly blessed with their 6 beautiful children. “They bring so much joy and love into our lives. We can’t wish for anything else in life!”