Already Got Some WD-40 Around The House? Use It for These 15 Different Things

They say that miracle remedies don’t exist, but I’ve found something that comes very close. Chances are you already know about it: WD-40! You know, that blue-and-yellow spray can with the red cap! Officially it’s not a remedy, but a spray, and it has proven to be incredibly versatile. You can use it for many different things. Curious as to what?

1. Swollen fingers
Need to take off your wedding ring but can’t get it to budge? WD-40 is the solution. Spray a little bit between the ring and your finger and before you know it the ring will slide right off. Don’t forget to wash your hands after the ring is removed!

2. Vacuum-stuck glasses
Did you know: if you put two glasses together for less than a minute, and you want to take them apart again, they will be completely stuck together. Or: you want to get a drinking glass from the kitchen cupboard, so you get a glass that is stacked onto another glass, and you get two because they are vacuum-stuck together. In both cases you could of course just pull as hard as you need to until the glasses come apart, but there’s a chance they’ll break and of course you don’t want that.  You can prevent this if you have some WD-40 in the house. What do you do? Spray a little WD-40 between the vacuum-stuck glasses, wait until the spray has soaked in between the glasses, and then, carefully, pull the glasses apart. Don’t forget to wash the glasses out well before you drink from them!