Already Got Some WD-40 Around The House? Use It for These 15 Different Things

3. Wipe out and get rid of insects
No one likes a plague of insects, let alone having to make an appointment with an exterminator. It costs a lot of money, and also time. Cockroach infestation in the house? Don’t worry about having to squash them with your foot, just take WD-40 out of the cupboard and spray it directly on them.

To keep insects and spiders at bay, spray a little WD-40 on the window frames, the windowsill and under the eaves. It also helps to prevent wasps from building their nests in your home or garden. Note: be careful when spraying; do not to inhale it and do not use this tip if you have small children or babies at home.

4. Black streaks on the floor
Does it drive you nuts having all those black stripes on the floor? And even worse, having to try and get rid of them. Use WD-40 to remove tar and sand marks from all hard floors. It doesn’t damage the floor and you won’t have to scrub at it hard. Remember to ventilate the area well and open the windows while you’re busy removing the streaks.

5. Remove glue
Have you spent the day doing odd jobs around the house and your hands covered with glue that you can’t get off? Don’t panic: WD-40 to the rescue. Grab the spray can, spray it directly onto sticky fingers and just rub. And keep rubbing until you no longer have sticky fingers. How’s that for easy! Don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards. Did you know that not only can you clean sticky fingers with this, but also dried glue in other places? Very handy if, for example, you’ve made a mess with it on the table or floor. Read on quickly to find out what else the spray can do!

So you thought peanut butter was the only answer to problem number 6? On the next page you’ll find out why you need to get your WD-40.