These 9 Symptoms Indicate Alzheimer’s Disease!

2. Having difficulty finding the right words.
This too is an early sign that your memory is letting you down because of Alzheimer’s. Initially, it is difficult to find words that someone does not use often, but the further the disease progresses, the more words are difficult to find. Even simple words, like apple or cheese. Again, it is more common for older people (without dementia) to not be able to find certain words, but they will manage to find the right words eventually. If someone really lost the word, this may be a symptom of Alzheimer’s.

3. Having difficulty finishing daily activities.
For someone in the early days of Alzheimer’s, it becomes difficult to perform the usual daily tasks, such as (taking medication several times a day) or writing a shopping list. Older people who do not have Alzheimer’s may occasionally need help with everyday things, such as shopping, but they do not forget to take their medication and can also cook independently, because they do not forget to turn off the stove.

4. Having difficulty with finances.
People who suffer from an early form of Alzheimer’s often forget to check and execute their expenses, taxes and other financial tasks.

5. Getting lost.
Alzheimer’s at an early stage also ensures that an affected person can no longer remember how he or she should walk, cycle or drive to a familiar place. He or she can not remember the way (back) and can therefore get lost. On the other hand: getting lost in a place where you have not been around for centuries or a place which is hard to find, can happen to anyone. Even young people. Click to go to the next page.