These Signs and Symptoms Indicate Diabetes!

More frequent urination & feeling thirsty
Most people urinate between 3 and 7 times a day. Unfortunately, this does not apply to diabetic patients. How is that possible? Normally the body absorbs the remaining glucose as it passes through the kidneys, but if your blood sugar level is too high, the kidneys can no longer do this, and you therefore have to urinate more often. Being thirsty is a result of the more frequent urination. If you urinate a lot, you can get thirsty and start drinking more, which causes you to urinate even more. Do not try to drink too much, otherwise you will end up in a vicious circle.

Dry mouth and itchy skin
These are also consequences of frequent urination. Why? If you have to urinate frequently, you will lose lots of fluid. At first glance, this is not that big of a deal. It is, however, if you know that fluid is necessary for other processes in the body as well. Too little fluid causes the skin to dry out and itch, and causes dry mouth as well.

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