DIY: Do Not Throw Away Your Old And Worn Out Jeans. Make This Out Of It!

We’ve all got them: jeans that are so comfortable that we do not want to get rid of them, even though they are pretty worn out. Or the opposite: jeans which we thought were so good, but are actually terrible.

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What do you do with that? Right, you turn them into a nice DIY for at home or even in the garden. So get the jeans that really won’t do anymore or that have amassed dust out of the closet and make the following DIY’s from it.

1. Denim pillow.
Do you have a lot of jeans in the closet or are the jeans of the children so badly worn out? Then this is really something for you! This beautiful pillow looks like it was bought at an expensive interior shop, but actually you made it yourself. How do you make it? Watch the video.

2. Embroidered wall decoration.
Do you think the wall is bare and do you want something unique? Then you really have to watch this video!

3. Recycled denim basket.
A denim basket can be used for so many different things. How about a laundry basket or a rubbish basket? It is an unique supplement for every room in the house.

4. Door wreath.
Something nice on the door? How about this tough denim wreath! The advantage of this wreath is that you do not have to replace it every other season, because it does not fit or has withered.

5. Hair bow.
Do your daughters no longer fit the cute jeans? No problem, you can recycle them into nice hair bows so you do not have to say goodbye to the pants.

6. Denim garland.
I think we can say that almost all the garlands are the same. Do you want something unique? Then you have to make these denim garlands. I think they are fantastic!

Which DIY are you going to make? Let us know under the message and do not forget to share the article via Facebook and Pinterest!