Do You Cook Your Eggs In A Pan? After Reading This: Never Again!

Not the best cook, but really in the mood for some eggs? What do you do? Fortunately, there’s the internet! Various tips can be found on the web and I found the 5 most useful ones! Bonus: They’re useful and a little bit crazy!

You might think: I’m the worst cook in the world, so these tips aren’t for me, you don’t have to be a chef to use them. It’s simple and you don’t need a lot of supplies to get it done. For example, you learn to poach an egg in 3 different ways, how to cook an egg in the microwave without exploding and more…

1. The coffee machine!
Did you know your coffee machine is a great egg cooker? It’s funny and simple: lay the eggs in the coffee pot, fill the machine with water and let it run trough.  Let the eggs boil for about 10 minutes, get them out and peal the skin off. Bonus: peeling the eggs should be incredibly easy.

2. The microwave!
You might think that you can’t prepare eggs in the microwave, but you’re wrong! How? Make sure the turntable for the microwave is warm, add some butter and break the egg. Puncture the yolk with a knife or something else pointy. If you don’t do this, the egg will explode, and you have to clean up the microwave.

3. Omelet in a mug.
It sounds crazy, but it’s possible to prepare an omelet in a mug. How? Take a heat resistant mug and coat the inside with butter. Break an egg, add cheese, vegetables and other ingredients and put it in the microwave. Heat it for 1 minute, take it out, stir and put it back. Repeat the process until the egg is done. How long it exactly takes depends on the microwave and the mug you use. Do you think it’s hard to poach an egg? Read the next tip for a quick and simple trick.

4. Poach an egg.
Everyone want to be able to poach an egg, but that’s is hard. Right? Wrong! Put a pan with water on the stove and let it boil. Break an egg, pour its content into a little plastic bag, close it and put it in the boiling hot water. Wait for it and in a few minutes you poached your first egg. Note: make sure you coat the inside of the bag with butter!

5. Separate an egg.
One of the hardest things to do is: separate an egg. Why? 9 out of 10 times you try it gets a mess. Or is that just me? If not, I found a useful trick how to separate an egg with just a plate and a plastic bottle. Break the egg on the plate, grab an empty plastic bottle, press and hold it, place it above the egg yolk, release the tension on the bottle and the egg yolk should be sucked in to the bottle.