Vet Sees Dog’s Ultrasound and Call the Cops

Pit Bull fans
Coincidentally, the lovebirds are huge fans of pit bulls! In fact, Chris and Mariesa have already saved a number of dogs of that breed. Would you like us to give you a specific number? You will be pleased to learn that the couple now has 10 furry friends.

If you have dogs, you must also ensure that you have enough beds for them to rest on. Here is their so-called ‘mega bed’. As Chris stated: “At night, all dogs want to sleep in bed with us and it can get too crowded at times. This sometimes results in us being pushed out of bed or having to spend the night sleeping on the couch. So, we built the ‘mega bed’.” It is incredible that the bed is 2.1 metres wide and 4.3 metres long! This space is important for the shelter dogs that they choose to adopt.

Loving Parents
Chris and Mariesa concluded afterwards that there was more they could do for these dogs. As you can see, both of them really love pit bulls. Although they had more than enough experience as dog parents, this was a situation they had never dealt with before. Nobody saw this coming.

The couple shared one passion in particular: their love of animals! In an interview, Mariesa even went as far as to say that she had broken up with her partners in the past because they did not understand her obsession with dogs. Many of her former partners did not support her vision of filling a house with puppies. It was a good thing that she found a fellow dog lover in Chris. Apart from their love for each other, they also shared a mutual love for dogs. This passion only grew when they spent more time together. On the next page is proof of how much they love their dogs.