Dog Refuses to Give Birth, Vet Sees Ultrasound and Realises He’s Made a Huge Mistake

Chris and Mariesa were exploring their options for adopting a dog, so they visited a number of animal shelters to look for a suitable addition to their family. Mariesa promised to only pick out one, but it proved harder to stick to that promise when she was faced with so many adorable dogs wherever they went: they would all look to this potential dog mother with imploring eyes, telling her how much they wanted to be adopted. Nevertheless, Mariesa was able to find the right one when her gaze fell on this particular dog.]

The dog that approached them and started to lick their hands was a heavily pregnant dog. Her belly was extended with unborn puppies, and Mariesa knew that this dog deserved to go to a suitable home. The pit bull deserved to give birth to her pups in a loving place, so there was no doubt about it for Mariesa: this dog was coming home with them. However, shortly afterwards they learned something that made them reconsider whether they had made the right choice. What could it be?
Who would have thought this pregnant pit bull would have had an even sadder history? Mariesa felt like crying for this poor dog, who she learned was called Storie. The pit bull first belonged to an individual who had a dog breeding business in his backyard. When her owner realised how expensive and difficult it was to care for Storie and her puppies, she was taken to a shelter instead.

Chris and Mariesa wanted to sort out the dog’s situation. They wanted to shower Storie with love and affection and provide her with shelter as well as. It was difficult enough to carry puppies and to give birth to them; an animal shelter was no place for a pregnant dog! However, it became even more complicated when they went to the vet. How so? Continue reading on the next page!