Father Tells His Children On His Deathbed to Look for Their Inheritance In the Attic

After their parents died, Damon and Leanne had the unpleasant task of cleaning up the attic of their house. They never expected to find a piece of antique there that was so rare and valuable that people from all over the world would fly in to see it.

The funeral
A week after the funeral, Leanne and Damon went to their parents’ home in a London suburb, Pinner. Emptying out the house was sure to be an unpleasant chore, so they needed a bit of time to gather the courage to get started.

When they entered the house, Leanne had to try hard to rein in her emotions, but it proved quite difficult. She caught herself crying as she browsed through the old photos and documents and picked up crockery that reminded her of her childhood. Meanwhile, Damon had started upstairs and ended up in the attic. He found a spot full of mysterious boxes and started searching through them to sort everything out. Among the boxes, he found a box with old crockery and cutlery, a box of old mismatching shoes and loads of other bizarre items he could not place. In the corner, however, he saw some beautiful antique pieces.

While he did not know much about these sorts of things, he was able to tell there were some interesting antiques among them. He called for Leanne to come have a look. She agreed that their parents had very good taste in art, but she did not understand why they had hidden those things in the attic. One piece in particular seemed really special… Are you curious to find out what it was and what it looked like? Read all about it on the next page.