Father Tells His Children On His Deathbed to Look for Their Inheritance In the Attic

Damon had found a beautiful vase with a fish pictured on it. Although the vase was very dusty, you could tell that it was very beautiful. So, Leanna grabbed a cloth to dust it off. The siblings were amazed at what they had found. The antique vase was about 40 cm high, had the shape of a gourd and was beautifully decorated. The upper and lower sides were yellow and adorned with elegant flower patterns, the middle part consisted of intricate blue filigree. On the front was a round image of two goldfish swimming in the water. The bottom of the piece was blue with sophisticated Chinese characters in the middle. They were not able to decipher the brand and knew nothing about the history of the item, but even to their untrained eye, they could tell that this was no ordinary vase.

Beautiful vase
Leanne and Damon discussed what they were going to do with the antiques. They certainly did not want to dispose of any of it, but it would be impossible to take the vase and other antiques home. Neither of them had enough room. Furthermore, it would be foolish to stow away such beautiful things in a storage space where no one would ever see them again. They decided to both keep a few smaller items and sell the rest. It certainly appeared that the fish vase might be worth something. At that moment, they had no way of knowing what exactly they had found. Take a look at the next page to find out what they had actually found and what they were going to do with it.