With These Handy Tips, Your Bathroom Tiles Will Look Radiant Again!

I think I can say that cleaning is not really anyone’s favourite thing to do. Vacuuming, mopping, ironing, and how about laundry. To be honest I prefer sitting on the couch, watching my favourite show and having a nice glass of wine. Aside from the daily chores like vacuuming and mopping, there are also chores that have to be done every once in a while. Such as decalcifying the coffee machine, removing weeds in the front and/or back yard and cleaning the kitchen from top to bottom. Another example of a chore like that is cleaning the seams and tiles in the bathroom. If you don’t clean the tiles for a while, that will lose their shine and get lime spots, and the seams, which are supposed to be white, turn yellow or even black. Yikes!

So you have finally convinced yourself to clean your bathroom tiles, but you actually have no idea what to do. Which cleaning agent should you use for the tiles? Is it chlorine, vinegar, all-purpose cleaner or a different cleaning agent entirely? How much should you use? Is a small splash enough or do I need more, and can I also use this product to clean the seams? Should you use warm, cold or lukewarm water, and do you have to rinse the tiles after cleaning them? And how do you clean the seams, because no matter how much you scrub or how long you let the chlorine soak; the seams do not go back to white!

If you ask me, all of these questions are understandable. Fortunately, I have found a lot of useful tips that will help you clean the bathroom tiles and seams easily and rather quickly. Curious what these tips are and what you have to do? Click here to go to the next page.