With These Handy Tips, Your Bathroom Tiles Will Look Radiant Again!

Bathrooms are often moist. Steam is not just a winter problem, but because of the big difference with the outside temperature during this season, steam forms more quickly and this has to go somewhere, so if there is no proper ventilation in your bathroom, the condensation will stick to the ceiling and the walls. Mortar, the material that bathroom seams are made of, is porous and usually light-coloured or white, which makes it the ideal place for dirt and other filth to accumulate. If dirt settles down in the seams, they will probably discolour, and this will affect your health as well as the neatness and the appearance of the bathroom.

So it’s very important to keep your seams clean! And in order to accomplish this, you shouldn’t just scrub the tiles harder and more often, you should also make sure you use less aggressive cleaning agents/chemicals. What’s more: these ‘hard’ chemicals may damage the seams even more. For a simple start, look at these 9 practical tips for cleaning the bathroom tiles and seams.

1. Water
Looking for the best way to clean the seams between the tiles? Why don’t you start with the classic combination: warm water, a hard brush and some elbow grease. This won’t make mould disappear forever, but scrubbing the seams does make sure that the dirt and other filth will come off, which will make the rest of the cleaning process a lot easier. Make sure that you use circling motions, while scrubbing the tiles. If you happen to have a steam cleaner: use it to make the process quicker and easier.

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