The Way You Sit Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

There are lots of things we do without thinking about it, but these things tell a lot about our state of mind and personality at the same time. Our body language shows more than we really want to say. For example, closed arms mean that you would rather not want to talk about something. Our sitting position also says a lot about how we are as individuals. So before you continue, it is important to know how you sit. Check how you are sitting right now. Chances are, this is the way you prefer to sit! Did you check it and are you sure this is correct? Continue reading to see what your sitting position says about your personality quickly!

Position A.
People who adopt this sitting position are ‘go-with-the-flow’ people. They usually have no planning and do not really think about what the future will look like. They are quirky, spontaneous and funny in nature. They do what they want and they do not care what other people think of them.

However, people with this sitting position take things more nonchalantly than they should. Their imagination is quite lively and they create their own world. They live in their own world and wait for things to be cleared by themselves. They are a bit childish, but you could not wish for better friends!

Position B.
People who adopt this sitting position are usually people with (good) ideas. However, they keep this to themselves, because they trust very few people with these thoughts. The “legs-over-each-other” posture means that it takes a lot of effort for others to win their trust. In addition, they are not easily tempted.

In spite of all this, they are great people to chat with, because they are interesting conversation partners and can have deep conversations without even knowing it. They are people who try not to judge and try to look at things from your angle. If you know someone like that in your life: never let that person go!

Position C.
People who adopt this sitting position are extremely confident and have a good idea of ​​who they are. They know their good and bad sides and know how to use them. They are extroverts and love to have a lot of people (friends and family) around them.

They love to be in the spotlight and they also love a party. People with this sitting position are very passionate and find confidence in their work. They may seem a bit proud and arrogant, but below that layer, they are the sweetest people you can possibly imagine having around in your friends and/or family circle.

Position D.
People who adopt this sitting position are friendly, gentle, honest and incredibly honest. They do not give up and just say what they think. They are also called the ‘soft souls of the world’. They do not say these things because they are evil, but because they are very honest.

These people are also the kind of people who pick up the phone in the middle of the night or people who are always there for you. They do not doubt their helpfulness and know an unconditional love. Pay attention! This love can be misused by others and that is one of the things they are regularly confronted with. Despite this, they remain strong which says a lot about the power they carry!

Position E.

People who adopt this sitting position are extremely passionate. They’re driven, ambitious and very organised in their doings & thoughts. They’re perfectionist and their life motto is: ‘the devil is in the details’. People with sitting position E are very patient, but don’t take this for granted!

The way they place their legs shows that they can keep a secret and are good listeners. They see the real you but are very closed about their own life and emotions. These character traits make them mysterious and very attractive.

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