Use These Tips to Deal with a Clogged Toilet

Just imagine: you’re watching a moment, get up to grab a drink and suddenly, you really need to pee. So the first thing you think of is going to the toilet to pee, you arrive at the toilet and there’s a large puddle of water around the water closet and water is flowing from the toilet bowl. Oh no, what to do now? Call a plumber or try to solve it yourself? A clogged toilet is pretty bad, but even worse when you really need to go, when it’s late in the evening or during the weekend. Of course, you can call a plumber, but they’re often busy, so you have to make an appointment and you want the problem solved quickly. Additionally, plumbers are often pricey, especially if your toilet gets clogged in the evening, at night or during the weekend.

But did you know you can also unclog your toilet yourself? Of course, you can run to the store to buy a toilet plunger, but there are much faster and cheaper solutions. And you don’t have to go to the store for them. I am almost 100% certain that these products are in your cleaning cabinet or at least in your home.

1. Clothes hanger
Is the obstruction not too deep, but you can’t reach it with a plunger? Then use a metal clothes hanger. So the question is: what to do? This tip works as follows: pull the hanger apart and wrap one of the points in a cloth, so you won’t damage the toilet bowl. Try to use the clothes hanger to either push the obstructions through or pull it out. Do this by making pushing and pulling motions.

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