Use These Tips to Deal with a Clogged Toilet

2. Plastic bottle
Another option is to remove the obstruction by applying extra pressure with a lot of water. I would like to warn you before you start; this trick can make the toilet even dirtier, messier and wetter than it already is. You start by scooping as much water from the toilet bowl as possible and putting it in a bucket or other large bowl. Then, fill up a plastic bottle with warm water, place your thumb over the opening of the bottleneck and place this part into the drain of the toilet bowl. Once you’ve placed it in the drain channel, near the obstruction, you remove your thumb from the opening and squeeze the bottle until it’s empty. Be sure to do this using some speed/strength, so the added pressure can remove the obstruction. Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves when using this tip!

3. Detergent & hot water
This tip is possibly more well-known, but definitely effective. What you should do? Put a bit of detergent in the rim of the toilet, then pour a bucket, at least 2 litres, of hot water into the toilet bowl. Pour the bucket at a height of around 1 metres. By pouring the water into the toilet from that height, you cause additional water pressure, allowing the obstruction to flush away more easily. Pour in a little bit of detergent because it dissolves fats, making it easier to flush away the obstruction. Note: the water must be hot, but not boiling hot. Toilet bowls are made from porcelain or ceramics and these can burst under high temperatures.

You can also try this tip with just hot water, but there’s a good chance you will have to repeat the process multiple times. And the faster you can use the toilet again, the better. Right?

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